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Vortex RHCP SMA Pagoda Antenna

Based on the Pagoda Design, by Maarten Baert, Vortex FPV antennas are circular polarised, and perform the same function as standard clover leaf or skew planar antennas, but in a more compact and more crash resistant form factor.
The unique PCB based construction provides a rigid, crash resistant antenna. The included 3D printed cover provides resistance against the PCB bending.
Specifications • Radiation Efficiency: 95% • Bandwidth: (5.55GHz-6.05GHz) • Axial Ratio: <1.3 • Gain: Approx. 1.1dB
Contents 1 x Vortex 5.8GHz RHCP FPV Antenna
1 x 3D Printed Cover
In a serious crash, the PCBs have a tendency to bend apart, decreasing the antenna’s performance. These can be gently bent back into shape by hand, and any detached solder joints can be re-flowed with a standard soldering iron. Take care not to alter the spacing of the PCBs when doing so.  
Manufactured under License CC BY-SA 4.0 from Maarten Baert

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