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Ragg-e 200H HDPE Frame

The 200mm HDPE frame offers Durability and unparalleled Strength to give any level pilot the confidence in flight. It protects the vital components in an enclosed shell, without restricting the component selection. This tough 4 inch frame has proven to be a great frame for the learning pilot which allows for an extremely easy install for most component setups

 3d printed Cam mounts and Carbon Fibre Top Plates are available for this frame, giving the pilot the ability to upgrade the Base model 200h frame to the Hybrid Version. There are a variety of 3d Files available on thingverse, free for you to print yourself. For those of you without a 3d printer, prints are available from many retailers (at separate cost)


 Colour Options:

Frame Specifications:


HDPE top plate

HDPE Bottom Plate

8 x M3x12mm CS Screws

4 x M3x5x15mm Standoff

(Random Colour Selection on packing Red, Blue, Green, Purple & Pink.

Size: 200mm diagonally, 155mm wide Maximum Propeller: 4" Motor Mount: Most standard FC's

Weight 130g

VTX placement to be decided by builder drill hole using M5 Drill

It is suggested not to cut or drill into the bottom plate as this is the structural element of the frame 

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