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Diatone 5v&12v with LC Filter

This  PDB has all the functions of a typical PDB, like a 5 and 12 volt BEC, but unlike most other PDBs, this one also has an integrated LC power filter. The power filter is used to remove " noise", by feeding a clean power supply to your FPV gear.  Your FPV electronics share the same power source as the motors, you can get interference, seen as moving lines in your video feed. The board also features dedicated connections for a FPV camera and a FPV video transmitter (VTX), with solder jumpers that let you select their output voltage (5/12v). So you can use a 5v camera with a 12v VTX, or a 12v camera with a 12v VTX. The board also has connections to provide battery voltage to an OSD (on screen display). The board is a standard 36mm sized PDB, so you can stack it cleanly with the CC3D, Naze and most other board type flight controllers.


  • High quality 2oz copper full plate PCB
  • Regulated 5V & 12V BEC outputs, supports 3-6S LiPo
  • Integrated LC filter
  • 5/12V switch for flight control board and camera (filtered power)
  • 5/12V switch for video transmitter (filtered power)
  • Filtered main battery voltage for OSD
  • 36x36mm with 30.5x30.5mm holes 

Collections: BEC & PDB

Type: BEC & PDB

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