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DYS Mi200 - 25mw VTX

DYS Mi200 - 25mw Switcher.

5 Volt Only - Important. 

Now either with Pigtail or Standard.

The DYS Mi200 is a compact 5.8Ghz FPV video transmitter. The power output and channel frequencies are easily set via a push button and LED display. They can also be set remotely by connecting the VTX to your radio receiver. The transmitter requires a 5 volt power input and it's plug and play compatible with lots of 5v FPV cameras, including the RunCam swift and Eagle. Finally, the VTX also features an onboard microphone for live audio transmission. This might sound like a pointless feature to many, but there are benefits to be had from being able to hear your motors.


  • Microphone
  • Set Channel via your radio and UART.


-Transmission Frequency: 5.8Ghz
-Transmission Power: 25 Switcher
-Frequency point: 40CH
-Size: L23*W20*H8mm
-Input voltage: 5V only
-Antenna connector:SMA Hole
-Working current:500mA/5V
-Operating temperature:-10-85℃
-Video Format:NTSC/PAL
-Video Broad band:8M

Things you  might also need -  

5/12 Volt regulator 

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