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DAL Prop Cyclone T5050C Tri Blade Prop

DAL Props call these props "Indestructible." They must be strong..

Dalprop newly released CYCLONE T5050 propeller,designed for high speeds while managing the efficiency and noise profile. Specialty engineered to improve control at low and high speeds more thrust,features faster reaction,excellent aerodynamics design make it best for drone racing.


- Colors: Black, Crystal Orange,Crystal Green 

- Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mm

- Usage: 210+ Frame

- Cyclone T5050C Tri-Blade, Pre-Balanced

- 4 Props Total (2CW, 2CCW) 

PC + glass fiber material is made of a high-quality, flexible and durable plastic that can easily survive crashes and tree clips.


Review thanks to  The RCAddict

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