Billy Wilds Personal Collection of FPV Products .

BOOM Stopper

Never lose that Magic White Smoke again when you power up during a build. This little gadget will help stop short circuits blowing your electronics up.  By putting this device between the Battery and the electronic components you are wanting to protect instead of a puff of smoke and that strange smell - the 2amp fuse will blow instead of the board.   When the fuse is blown the LED will light up indicating their is a short circuit and the Boom Stopper will reduce the current to a level that won't immediately damage your electronics, giving you time to remove the power supply. 

Helping to protect against reverse polarity or other shorts. It will not save you though if you have over powered your board or other component.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLY WITH THE BOOM STOPPER ATTACHED OR START YOUR MOTORS, it is purely to check that you don't have a fault in your wiring. With a 2A fuse you won't get very far if you do try.

• Includes LED fuse indicator
• Current limited to 2A

Voltage: Up to 32VDC (2 to 8S LiPoly)
Current limitation: 2A

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