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Armattan Chameleon

Available in Orange or Silver

PDB not included - Pick one from  the PDB page The Armattan V3 is designed to fit. 

The Armattan Chameleon is  their new flagship model, The final revision was a combination of great thought and ideas.. While many of this frames features are traditional there are some main innovations that set this Armattan Quad apart from others. These features would benefit from a closer examination.

The first is the "low-rider" style top-plate. This allows the battery to fit closer to the center of gravity for this machine. Your rolls and flips will be crisper, and less likely to over-rotate. Another feature of the recessed top-plate is that the camera cage will give your battery more protection in an upside down "Landing".

The camera cage is a 4mm thick, 6061 aluminum structure . Solid enough to give you amazing protection and versatility in mounting your cameras.Your FPV camera is shielded above 25 degrees and is able to give ialmost unlimited vertical play. If you want to fly backwards like Suki or take things at a more relaxed pace, this will let you achieve the angle you need.

Next, the HD camera mounting plate allows you to adjust the angle of your recording device from 30 up to 60 degrees. There is no need to have 4 different mounts for your flying styles, No more wedges of foam and lots of Zip Ties.You can adjust the angle with out touching the camera with a turn of an Allen Key.

The final Chameleon innovation  is the VTX mount on the rear of the quad. Much research went into designing the cut outs around the VTX positioning - to allow for the majority of button and switch positions. Now it is easy to change frequencies at the park or at the Race Day. The rear stand is also Aluminium , providing a solid mount for your VTX. The other secret is the little bar next to the SMA hole. This is a diversity receiver mount for your RX of choice. If you zip two ties to that spar you can angle them for horizontal (out the back) and vertical (out the top) polarization. This should help prevent against an unforgiving fail-safe at the start of your greatest dive yet.



Should you meet the ground at a high rate of speed and you rearange your quads form, Armattan is offering a full bumper-to-bumper warranty for the Chameleon frame. Included in the list price is a warranty that covers all of the pieces (both Carbon Fiber AND Aluminum) how is that for added peace of mind? for all warranty claims please follow the steps listed in the link - Warranty Claims 

Order the PDB of your choice  From our PDB Page



Frame Weight

118g approx

Motor to Motor


Frame Shape

Freestyle Bus

Bottom Plate Thickness


Top Plate Thickness


Aluminum Parts

Aircraft Grade 6061

Motor Mount Pattern


Max Stack Height


                Warrantied Parts 



Motor Sizes




Prop Size






Chameleon Ripping - Freestyle flight by Team Armattan pilot - JRIP FPV

Build Video.

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