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Aomway TX 001 VTX


TX001: Power Switchable Transmitter



– Power Supply: DC 6-28V

– Current: 150mAh @12V (200mW)

– Power Switchable: 25mW / 200mW / 600mW (by push button)

– Output Voltage: 4.9~5.1V(for camera)

– Format: NTSC / PAL

– Port:

2p JST (Power Supply, GND)

5p JST (Right Audio, Left Audio, Video, GND, Output Voltage)

– Channel Display: LED light

– Power Indication: LED light

– Band/Channel Selection: Push Button

– Transmitter Type:

TX001A: Regular SMA;

TX001B: 50mm Extension Cable

– Frequencies:

Band A:

CH1_5705MHz,CH2_5685MHz,CH3_5665MHz,CH4_5645MHz, CH5_5885MHz,CH6_5905MHz,CH7_5925MHz,CH8_5945MHz

Band B:

CH1_5733MHz,CH2_5752MHz,CH3_5771MHz,CH4_5790MHz, CH5_5809MHz,CH6_5828MHz,CH7_5847MHz,CH8_5866MHz

Band C:

CH1_5725MHz,CH2_5745MHz,CH3_5765MHz,CH4_5785MHz, CH5_5805MHz,CH6_5825MHz,CH7_5845MHz,CH8_5865MHz

Band D:

CH1_5740MHz,CH2_5760MHz,CH3_5780MHz,CH4_5800MHz, CH5_5820MHz,CH6_5840MHz,CH7_5860MHz,CH8_5880MHz

Band E (Race Band):

CH1_5658MHz,CH2_5695MHz,CH3_5732MHz,CH4_5769MHz, CH5_5806MHz,CH6_5843MHz,CH7_5880MHz,CH8_5917MHz



– Microphone: Available



– Dimensions: 29*25*10mm

– Transmitter Weight: TX001A:11g;TX001B:12g

– Accessories: 1 X Power Cable, 1 X AV Cable, 1 X 5db Omni Antenna


  • Important Warning : These units are not to be used in Australia unless the user can comply with the regulations in place in Australia. Not all Channels are legal to be used in Australia. 
  • This system may require a HAM licence for use in some countries,  Check your country rules for use of analogue video transmitters.  You may NOT be able to use this system legally (unless you are a registered HAM Operator)  Care should be taken and  always turn on a receiver first and make SURE nobody else is using the band ! Use a Spectrum analyser to see that the band is clear.  

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