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Making a Warranty Claim


Send your claim as below to and we will get back to you.

The warranty does not include postage of the parts - so why not make it worth while and order some extra bits and save .

So add  An Armattan Warranty Part from the Armattan Frame section  with your order to make sure your replacement part is packed with the rest of your quad goodies - or to order and get it by it self.  Here is The Link

Warranty Claim Process:

In order to process a warranty claim, please send proof of purchase (not necessary, only if you have it) either by forwarding the email or sending a photo of your physical receipt, as well as a photo highlighting where breakage occurs. Here's exactly what we'll need and an example:


Additional note: If you do not want to remove the part because you want to glue it and fly while you wait for your warranty replacement, it is fine. Just scratch the part on the frame just the same and send us the pics you get from that and we'll help you out. 


1. Full Name

2. Todays Date

3. Date of Purchase, order number or proof of purchase 

4. The issue that you experienced with arrows pointing to the problem area(s)

5. Name of broken part

6. Your Signature


Your product photo should have a physical paper note in the same frame containing the six steps (not a digital alteration).

Your Photo should also contain the frame still fully assembled. 

Along with the proof of purchase (if you have one), you can send this to our support address at


***Note: that we do not accept photo montage. Putting a picture of a broken part next to a picture of the handwritten note does not prove that the parts are in your possession.  It could be any picture taken from the web.

*** Additional Note: Removing structural parts from your model to substitute them with 3D printed parts voids the warranty. Please only use 3D printed parts that do not require removing parts from your model.