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Armattan Lifetime Warranty

Armattan Lifetime Warranty   


Armattan is now the only frame manufacturer in the world to offer any kind of warranty post-crashing your model. But it is not any kind of warranty. It is lifetime warranty. The word is crash it, break it and we'll replace it. For free and for life. Be it you purchase the frame from someone else second- hand or from an Armattan official re-seller, the warranty remains valid. Forever.

Note that the warranty is valid for carbon fiber frame, arms and center plate parts. Hardware, top plates,and accessory plates and electronics are not warrantied. But hey, that's a lot since these are the parts you will break and that will see you grounded on most frames out there. And no, you do not have to create a ticket or go through a tedious warranty claim procedure. You simply need to contact me. I am the manufacturer, I am the builder and you get to deal with me directly if you ever manage to break any of my frames.
NOTICE: Excluded Item Warranty on the Armattan Lite Frames

So... Happy crashing folks, and have fun!